Anrui's Anime/Manga Dishware Collection

Welcome to the newest version of the List, April 27th, 2008 edition.

Teacups Coffee Cups Glasses Bowls/Plates Silverware Other
19 20 12 7 2 4

All information below is provided to the best of my ability, any help at filling in "?"s would be much appreciated.

None of the items below are for sale.
If you wish to purchase any of my collection, email me with what you are interested in, and I will give you an answer promptly.
Be aware that I will probably not part with most of my collection, unless I am properly bribed. ^_~

I have collected these from a variety of places, primarily over the last eight years of attendance at Anime Expo. I use some of them,
but the majority of them remain in their boxes and packed away. The cabinet is full. ^^;

Email: anruiukimi (at)

That is all. Notes and factoids on Collection are at the bottom! If you would like to know something specific about one of them, let me know! :)


(I've decided to keep a little update log for this, so I or anyone else can keep track)

04.28.08 - Added My Neighbor Totoro - Noritake Teacup and Plate, Dragon Quest - Slime & Slime Knight Cups, Gintama - Stacking Cup Set, Blackjack - Pinoko Glass, Gintama - Elizabeth & Sadaharu Glasses, Final Fantasy - Chocobo Spoon , Dragon Quest - Salt & Pepper Shakers 

01.02.08 - Added Bleach - Renji and Ichigo Glass

12.25.07 - Added Gintama - Rice Bowl & Gintama - Teacup (Both Shisengumi)

11.3.07 - Added One Piece - Chopper Man Coffee Cup & Gintama - Sake (O-Hanami) Set

10.13.07 - Finally took pictures of all items and started list. Most recent acquistion is a unknown teacup purchased at Animagic, take a look and let me know if you know what it is! :)


Teacups Coffee Cups and General Cups

Bleach – Kon Teacup
Earl Cain - Teacup w/saucer

Full Metal Alchemist – Ed Teacup w/Saucer
Gintama – Teacup
Gintama - Teacup w/Fabric Saucer
Harukanaru Toki no Nake De – Anime Straining Teacup
Kyou Kara Maou – Yuuri and Conrad Teacup
My Neighbor Totoro - Noritake Teacup w/Saucer
[2] [3]
Saiyuki – Hakkai and Gojyo Teacup
Saiyuki – Sanzo and Goku Teacup
Tactics – Haruka Teacup
Tokyo Mew Mew – Ichigo Teacup
Tokyo Mew Mew – Lettuce Teacup
Tokyo Mew Mew – Mint Teacup
Tokyo Mew Mew – Pudding Teacup
Tokyo Mew Mew – Zakuro Teacup
Unknown – Teacup (Looks kinda like Love Hina art)
Utawarerumono – Aruru and Ururu Stoneware-look Teacup Set of 2 [2]

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar – Coffee Cup
Card Captor Sakura – Kero-chan Cup
Chobits – Sumomo Coffee Cup
Clamp – The Cat who Ruled the World Coffee Cup
Digi Charat – Puchiko Coffee Cup
Dragon Quest - Smile Slime Slime Cup
Dragon Quest - Smile Slime Slime Knight Cup
Full Metal Alchemist - Ed and Al Coffee Cup Set of 2 [2] [3]
Full Metal Alchemist – Roy and Ed Cup
Gankutsuou – Anime Expo 2005 Coffee Cup

Gintama - Stacking Cup Set of 3 [2] [3] [4] [5]
Gundam Seed – Haru Coffee Cup
Kyou Kara Maou – Stacking Cup Set of 3 [2] [3] [4] [5]
Rurouni Kenshin – Kenshin and Sano Coffee Cup
The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok – Loki Metal Cup [2]
One Piece - Chopper Man Coffee Cup [2]

Glasses Bowls/Plates

Aka-chan to Boku - Glass
Blackjack - Pinoko Glass
Bleach - Renji and Ichigo Glass
Gintama - Elizabeth Glass
Gintama - Sadaharu Glass
Inuyasha – Inuyasha Glass
Inuyasha – Miroku Glass
Inuyasha – Sesshoumaru Glass

Macross 7 – Fire Bomber Glass
Saiyuki – Genjo Sanzo Glass
Saiyuki – Sou Goku Glass
xxxholic - Glass

Aria the Natural – Rice Bowl w/Bag [2]
Bleach – Renji Rice Bowl w/Chopsticks [2]

Dog of Flanders – NFS Collectors Plate
Gintama - Shisengumi Rice Bowl w/Chopsticks
[2] [3]
My Neighbor Totoro - Noritake Autumn Bone China Plate [2] [3]
Sailor Moon Stars – Plastic Rice Bowl
Saiyuki – Plate

Silverware Other

Final Fantasy - Chocobo Spoon
The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok – Reiya Teaspoon [2]

Dragon Quest - Smile Slime Salt & Pepper Shakers
Full Metal Alchemist – Ed Milk Bottle

Full Metal Alchemist – Ed Teapot [2]
Gintama - Sake (O-Hanami) Set

Notes and Factoids on Collection
1. My first anime dishware anything was purchased at Walt Disney World - Epcot of all places. The Japanese Emporium had the Sailor Moon Bowl for sale.

2. My first serious anime/manga dish was my Rurouni Kenshin Coffee mug. It is still one of my favorites. :)

3. The FMA - Ed and Al Coffee cup set was hunted down is one of the few I didn't just simply come across and buy at a con.

4. I only have half of the set of the Saiyuki glasses. If anyone would like to sell the other half, look no further! :)

5. The two Saiyuki teacups and the plate form at least part of a set, I do not know if there are any other pieces.

6. I made the mistake of not buying the Sango and Kagome glasses when I got the 3 boys. If anyone wants to sell them, I'm looking! :D

7. The Harukanaru cup's strainer has a small chip out of it, which I unfortunately noticed about 30 min after I bought it. Oh well. :P

8. The xxxholic glass is the only item in the collection that does not have a character from the show/manga on it.

9. The My Neighbor Totoro Plate is bone china, and cost me over $40. I want the whole set.... ;_;

10. The FMA - Ed-head Teapot w/matching teacup was a dishware wishlist item I came across at AX a few years ago, and it never ceases to make me giggle. :)

Dishes I am looking for
Gintama Teacup (Yorozu-ya)
One Piece Anything
From Eroica with Love Anything
Gintama Anything

I'm looking for about anything cute and anime related. >_>